Award Ceremony

12th St. Jerome Translation Contest – Invitation to the award ceremony

The Ceremony will take place on Friday, April 21st at 4.30 pm in Conference Room 2 (United Nations Headquarters, New York). It will followed by a cocktail reception.

Details to follow.

Please note that admission to the cocktail reception is by invitation only. United Nations staff and delegates will need a valid grounds pass for access to the venues for both.


11th St. Jerome Translation Contest – Judges’ remarks

  • Arabic: Ms. Rima Germanos, Mr. Talha Musa Gibriel, Mr. Mohamed Ougammadan,
  • Chinese: Mr. Ta-Tsun Chen
  • English: Ms. Mary Ellen Lavin, Mr. Steven Sekel
  • French: Mr. Michel Gainet, Ms. Christel Hauer
  • German: Mr. Christoph Bartmann, Ms. Barbara Eichenauer
  • Russian: Mr. Anatoly Tchadliev, Mr. Youri Toropin
  • Spanish: Ms. María Nóbrega, Mr. Miguel Sáenz